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The Zentrum für Qualität in der Pflege (ZQP, Centre for Quality in Care) is a non-profit, non-governmental foundation. Its goal is to improve the health care, especially the quality of the long-term care, for older care-receiving persons in Germany.

The ZQP is independent of economic, political and ideological interests. The foundation carries out research projects and prepares knowledge for the practice in open-access products. In these processes, care professionals and other health occupations, family members, researchers as well as players from health policy are involved.  At the same time, these stakeholders are the main target groups of our operative work.

The two main topics of our work are prevention and patient safety in the context of age and long-term care. A multidisciplinary team works for the foundation with experts from gerontology, health science, medicine, nursing management, nursing science, political science, sociology, nursing practice and economics.


Popular Subjects

Caregiving relatives in the COVID-19 crisis

The ZQP conducted a nationwide survey with caregiving relatives in home care settings about their experiences during the COVID-19 crisis in Germany.

Open study (EN)

Aggression, Violence and Elder Mistreatment in Informal Care

The ZQP has surveyed caregiving relatives in Germany about their experiences with aggression, violence and elder mistreatment in informal care relationships.

Open analysis (EN)

Medication in Home Care from the Perspective of Caregiving Relatives

This ZQP analysis examines the responsibilities of relatives in the home-care medication process for elderly people in need of care and their associated experiences and challenges.

Open analysis (EN)

Long-term Care in Germany

In Germany, there is an obligatory long-term care insurance which covers around half of the costs connected to long-term care. Further costs are paid by the care-receiving persons themselves, their relatives or, in cases of economic hardship, the state. Which benefits persons in need of care receive from the insurance depends on the degree of care-dependency, the so-called Pflegegrad. It is determined by the long-term care insurance after an assessment.


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Further services of the ZQP


This online portal provides profound knowledge on the prevention of abuse in care as well as practical tips for care-receiving persons, care professionals and family carers.

to pflege-gewalt.de (DE)


This online portal provides knowledge and tips for the prevention of health problems for care-receiving persons, care professionals and family carers.

to pflege-praevention.de (DE)

Beratung zur Pflege

The database lists more than 4,500 non-commercial advice services. Interested citizens, but also professionals from the social and health sector can use it to search for advice services in Germany related to long-term care.

to Beratungsdatenbank (DE)

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