Who we are

Find out more about our goals, our boards and our team.

The Zentrum für Qualität in der Pflege (ZQP, Centre for Quality in Care) is not a governmental institution, but a non-profit, independent and operative foundation located in Berlin. The ZQP has been set up by the Verband der Privaten Krankenversicherung e. V. (PKV, Association of German private healthcare insurance) in 2009. We are independent of singular interests and political directives by professional associations and parties.

The ZQP realises its mandate as foundation with own projects, which we carry out internally or also in cooperation with excellent partners. Project results are used for research or for the transfer of knowledge into practice. Since its foundation, the ZQP has initiated or worked on around 100 of such projects. We communicate project results and products to our target groups, for example via print and online media or (specialist) events. Find out more about what we do.

Our goals

The foundation’s work aims to serve the welfare of all persons in Germany. The goal is a health care and support of older, care-dependent persons that is safe, of high-quality and addressing their needs. Due to the demographic change, this objective has become one of the greatest challenges for the German social and health care system.

Therefore, the ZQP is committed to researching and transferring scientific knowledge into nursing care practice as well to informing the public about care and prevention.

Disseminate knowledge

The ZQP aims to make theoretical and practical knowledge on care easily accessible to the public. We research new knowledge, prepare information and advocate its application in nursing care practice – we call this theory-practice-transfer. Our services are mainly addressed to: professional carers and other health care professions, family carers, researchers and political players in the health sector. A central instrument of the theory-practice-transfer is the publication series of the ZQP. This includes, for example, open-access advice brochures with practical tips for the care routine (DE) which support family carers, but also professional carers.

Develop care quality

The ZQP wants to contribute to a successful care for care-receiving persons, family carers, professional carers and other parties involved.

As quality objectives serve the requirements of the German care charter, the Pflege-Charta (DE). In eight articles, this catalogue of rights sums up the basic rights of persons in need of care, for example from the German Basic Law (Grundgesetz) or the German Social Code (Sozialgesetzbücher).

Team & boards

A multiprofessional team works for the ZQP. Accordingly, practical knowledge and systematic-theoretical understanding feed into our work. The foundation’s boards contribute significantly to the relevance, the quality of the contents, the methodological value and the independence of the project work. The board members represent different stakeholders and perspectives in the field of long-term care.

Project concepts are developed by the scientific staff in close collaboration with the advisory boards of the ZQP. This ensures that the project work focuses on practice-relevant questions and is methodically targeted.

More information on our team (DE) & more information on our boards (DE).